Behave yourself and never mind the rest (Postcard no.3)


I would like to introduce you to the term ‘jihad’. The meaning of this Arabic word, which can be found online, is mostly misinterpreted and often translated as “holy war”, but in a pure linguistic sense it means the act of “striving, applying oneself, struggling, persevering”. Regardless if you are religious or not, we all fight the most major jihad within ourselves.
On a daily basis we all struggle with choices and decisions to be made. We contemplate about right and wrong in accordance with our morality and/or religion, but we often fail to name this process. Life is a long path full of road signs which do not lead you anywhere in particular, but which light up choices of your own making; some of them are easily noticeable, the others are hidden behind tree branches, but if we observe carefully we will spot them with our peripheral vision. Of course, the signs can be ignored as well. It is a personal choice. We can take a road which we do not know where it will take us, but which we strongly feel is the right one.
The only right advice I could share is to follow your heart, even though I am aware how cheap this sounds. But, it is the truth. The only problem is the misinterpretation of this phrase. I believe it sounds like a second-hand quotation to most, but its simplicity is its ultimate sophistication. The heart is the beginning and the end of the cosmos. The first place where one has to start self-seeking as well as seeking for God is ones heart.  I believe and strongly feel that all humans have a choice to follow one of their inner voices through life: First one would be the voice of mind which can help one to achieve great things. The other is voice of soul, which can open different dimensions of understanding. The third one is voice of heart which seeks the truth.
I take advice from my mind and soul from time to time, but I exclusively follow my heart. It reveals to me the meaning of my life, reveals my purpose in this world, reveals the overwhelming love I feel for everyone and everything, and also  reveals my obsession with truth. God is in everything, but everything is not a God. He is not born, but he is alive. He lives in my heart, He is a truth. He is the love I feel for everyone and everything existing. I want to get close to Him; I want Him to be pleased with me.
So, I behave and I never mind the rest. I behave not for people, not for expression of myself, nor impression of others, I behave because I feel the need to follow the truth and the love I feel within me. Kill your ego and you will free yourself. Get rid of your ignorance and you will be happy. Feel unconditional love towards everyone and everything existing, to be able to love that charming boy who sleeps in your bed while you are reading this, or your cat which is sitting on your window right now.
Behave yourself in accordance with your inner voices; constantly be aware of your jihad and as much as it seams to be difficult, constantly try to be on the path of your beliefs. Life is a journey and you are not suppose to arrive anywhere. Find a balance and maintain it in your daily life. Live like you will die tomorrow and work like you will leave something for eternity. Constantly have in mind that love rules the world and be generous, honest and tender to all living creatures. Let your actions be led by love you feel and you will be able to feel the accomplishment even in the smallest actions.  Believe and live your beliefs. Dream and live your dreams. Love and feel love.
Love people, but if you are not capable of loving them, then respect them. Never harm, even if you were harmed by others. Love and happiness can only be found within oneself, but can be reflected to others. If you can, try to inspire the other people to love; to overcome their fears, to live their dreams, to find their happiness.
Embrace your jihad and never mind the rest.


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