Hidden meaning behind the truth and a man within me

Men and women are using words differently, even when they are trying to express similar feelings, ideas or fears. I write and I talk as a woman, what I am, but I prefer a men way of using language. I find it to be more reduced in terms of being more clean, precise and honest. There is a theory that men are using more of their commonsense, while women are more focused on their emotions. As much as this perspective is referring to science (if anyhow), it seams like stereotype to me.

Within my point of view this simplifying of perspective is on the same level as the idea that pink is a color for girls, while blue is reserved for boys. I love blue, I am blue, and nevertheless, I look very sexy in my marine blue short spring dress.

I have a problem with women’s need for complexity. They love issues, and they can spot them all around themselves. If there is no problem, there is an issue, off course. He did something or he did not do anything. He called or he did not called after all. He did what she wanted him to do, but he did not do it ‘her way’.

Then the hidden meanings! It is disturbing to analyze every men opinion or small talk, but that is what friends are for, right? It seams to me that women establish this general belief that all men are poets. No one would appreciate it more than I, but unfortunately, the men are only painfully honest and what they say it means exactly that; there is no hidden meaning. If he says he is not interested, that most certainly does not mean he loves you but he is afraid of commitment. Please, learn that rejection is a natural part of human relations and it should not affect your self-esteem.  How is different when you reject a man and when a man rejects you? Do not be a hypocrite.

You see, I am not better then other women, but I am surly more honest and probably more brave. To tell you the truth, that did not took me anywhere need understanding; it only made things more difficult for me and for my potential partners or the one whom were my partners.  I am a women with the male principals; It is a weapon of mass destruction.

In one of my very important love stories and partnerships, a man told me in affect that I am not a woman; that I just look like a woman, but that essentially I am a man in woman’s body. Due to my hipper sensible nature (surprisingly, it gets on well with the man in me) and due to the fact that this words came from my loving partner, they deeply hurt my feelings. But, the main reason why something which was said in affect was able to hurt me is the truth in those words. Only you can be onto your inner truism.  I am the truth addict and I respect to meet the truth, even when it is opposite of what I expected to learn.

So, face yourself first of all. Then you will be able to respect yourself and everyone and everything what surrounds you; including other person opinion or other person perspective.

Most likely, there is a man within me and I cherish him a lot. But, in the other hand, it is obvious that there was no man within my ex partner; otherwise, he would face me.


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