Pray, love and contemplate (postcard no.2)

postcard-hera-for-print-veliki-dragged-4-973x698“Thank you,” the old man said. He was too simple to wonder when he had attained humility. But he knew he had attained it and he knew it was not disgraceful and it carried no loss of true pride.”  The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway

Humans lost their humility somewhere on the highway of time. We are too occupied with proving we are worthy of things and recognition which does not have any true meaning. Our hearts became empty empires where only the superficial longings can be found in the darkness.

What happen to the spirit? Where did the souls vanish? Our hearts are ghost towns and we are sadly proud of it. Blindly, we are trying to justify our ignorance to ourselves with delusion, ‘nothing can hurt us anymore’, just because we were disappointed, humiliated or hurt once upon a time. We pay more attention to the appearance rather than to the essence of anything and everything. We take care of our bodies and practice regularly, but do we take care of our souls and our hearts? If so, then how?

We miss something and we are not able to detect what exactly it is; we are ready to grab that  ‘something’ in the moment we recognize it, but are we capable of acknowledgement? What will you say after you read that our eternal longing is the longing for the love of God? Feel free to deny. It is a personal choice. It is also a personal path. Those who seek shall find what they are seeking for. For me, existence of God is a fact. For others perhaps is not, but no one can deny the divine force of perfect order and movement in the Universe. Observe the nature! Stare at the sea. Admire it’s movement! Try to imagine what is under the surface that you did not have a chance to see on the documentary TV shows. Think about the known world and yourself. Think about all people before you and the ones who will come after. Think about your transience and feel proud to be part of harmonic cosmos. Think about others who are alike; think about those who are less lucky than you. Think about death as an essential part of a life. Nevertheless, think about the world as a master piece.

And you shall be able to understand the fragments and you shall find the path which will lead you back to your heart. The love you are looking for is also looking for you. The love is not only the significant person in your life. Neither religion is occupation for retired people. Love and truth are worthy of living and dying for.

Learn to overcome your ego. Learn to feel constant hunger for knowledge. Learn to obey and to be humble. Accept that each person has their inner small doubts and fears within their inner small cosmos, but also believe that everyone is worthy of  love and respect. Embrace the religion you feel close to, or revive the one you were given when you were born, but you rejected afterwards. Trust in God and in yourself.

Pray, love and contemplate.



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