Your Love Is Poetry (postcard no.1)


Love, the greatest feeling of all, belongs to a God. He plant the hidden seed within humans hearts, giving us opportunity to grow it in the garden of our own desires. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote:

“No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books.” 

Regardless aforementioned, we do seek for other people’s love and affection. Each of us needs an ally on our path. We need someone to hold our hand and to whip off our fears of death, pain and transience.

So we love; we love those who inspires us to be a better person, the ones who trust in us even when we don’t trust in ourselves, and perhaps, they love us back.

The purest love shall be unconditional love, but I am doubting human’s capability to maintain a course of cherishing such a profound emotion. Unfortunately, above everything else, we are simply humans, therefore, we hold an expectations and arrogance, not understanding clearly against who; against other person or against ourselves.

More poetry is needed indeed. But, we need to read it from another angle. We need to gravitate towards the idea of being the author, rather than the muse. Being the one who is inspired with eternity, with unconditional love, with God, with pureness, with simplicity of someone’s daily habit, with someone’s appearance or someone’s inner vulnerability.

In order to feel love, at least the part of complexity that love contains, we need to expose ourselves, to reveal ourselves and to allow for our hearts to be touched and fractured into the smallest peaces by others. Because you cannot learn how to feel, neither how not to feel. Yet, you cannot choose who to love; you can only dive into divine feeling or ignore it once when you become aware of your emotions.

You can read the poetry, relate to it and analyse it, but once when you start to wish you wrote it instead of wishing that it was written for you, you will be capable to contribute towards unconditional love.

I trust humans are believers, I trust humans are tender lovers, but I am witnessing the lack of honesty, the lack of braveness, the lack of understanding, the ignorance and arrogance. People are often delusional while thinking that alienating from love could protect them from harm. To be touched by love, the one needs to experience the tears of sorrow as well as tears of joy.  Allow yourself to be moved by divine force; moved forward to understanding of existence, of beauty, of present moment and death.

Love is poetry and shall make you cry.




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