So, leave the computer and put that chips aside! (Postcard no.4)


There are people who appreciate and enjoy solitude, and I am one of them. We are doing fine, we are good by default, we work hard and when we do not we work for pleasure. We try to overcome the unspecified needs constantly pushing our limits. These emotional needs (which, seen with our eyes, occur all over the place) we choose to ignore, hoping denial will erase them from our hearts and souls and set us free. Free from humanity, empathy, humbleness or love!

In our everyday life, while our promised future becomes today or yesterday, within our hearts we are overcoming the obligations we invented in order to achieve wealth. We believe it’s for our own good, but, paradoxically, under the impression we are doing something for ourselves, we are doing against ourselves. Distraction, interaction, superficiality. The truth is, the work overload is a getaway. The work is a cure to overdose with.

Occupation loses the game once when you realize that your solitude is becoming loneliness or conscious isolation. I prefer to say that there is a shadow of sorrow which follows solitude. I believe you can simply step into it, without being aware, lead by your decision into an intense trap.

The moment when solitude becomes loneliness is when you realize that there are common things you would and you should enjoy sharing with someone. Everyday situations, often totally bizarre ones, are the sparks of happiness.

You think about this ‘someone’ with distance and sadness, because you do not understand who you actually miss. But, it is no one in particular; you miss emotional interaction with similar people. So, the solitude is wonderful until it stops to be. Regardless how introvert and comfortable you are in being alone, regardless how you cherish it, there are times you have to recognize that the things you love are harming you.

If your friends live in your computer, then find a person or a few people who you feel you can share your interests with; those individuals who are easy to roll with, the ones who do not have to be introduced or to tolerate the difference because they accept it from the beginning.

Meet people in real life for walks and talks, for coffees and ice-creams! Meet them, dream about them, be with them! Social interactions and solitude are only appreciated when they follow each other. Do more of what makes you happy, but what includes others as well. Do sports or do drinks! Dance until the morning or have a picnic! Watching the stars is a must! Laughing is a must! Hugs are a must!  Connecting with others on the deepest human level is the new collection of the social skills in Spring 2016!  Entering into and maintaining true relations, building tenderness and compassion, empathy and affection, is the opportunity to be able to truly recognise and best use the outcomes of your moments of solitude. Because, people who spend time with themselves in long contemplation are able to recognize the needs of the ones they care for; they are capable of making a room for other people’s needs and to create a safe zone for other people’s feelings. I truly believe people are connected with their souls.

So, leave the computer and put those chips aside!

Emotional balance is something which a person has to achieve for themselves, and regardless of how much of solitude you need or apply in your life it feels good to know that you are not alone, and that someone is waiting to see you soon.

In these relations and in those moments the solitude becomes inspiration.


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