Linguistic refugees

places28-973x651We never betrayed
the language
Neither we ever abandoned
We resist to use it
For confessions
For expressions
For future predictions

We buried linguistic in our lungs
We erased phonetic from our fingerprints
Keeping the beast trapped
Thinking there is no harm in killing for a noble cause
Hoping to save ourselves from
We created one
Words tattooed our veins
Like ink without pigment
Announcing the meanings readable in reverse
with the help of the mirror
The mother tongue is breaking free
Our actions
We encounter Lucifer himself
Language materialized
Traumas from our childhood
Marked us with contexts
Sub contexts
We do not learn
The native language
Learns us
What shall we feel
Instead of what we do feel
If we feel it
After all
Language makes us mute
Incapable to unlock our own
Our astral projections
We are hostages of languages
Trying to resist
To connect the words with meanings we need
We failed to feel
Out of descriptions
We understand
The field beyond the words
We trust in landscape we create
We travel through
Parallel universes
Movements of all kinds
Through the time and space
Made us become a murderers
A suicidal whispers to our own ears
Most likely lack of language
will encourage us to explore
How difficult is to be free
From our own theory
Of what life should be


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