Thirty winters goes by (a Birthday poem)

detail18-948x700I do not celebrate birthday
Nor I acknowledge it
The cake with chocolate crumbs
And candles
Are for kids
Whose parents can afford it
I buy drinks for friends
Or they buy me a drinks
Depends who has any money
To make us wasted
And we laugh
And we cry
And we promise to love each others
One year more.
I try hard for my daughter
To have a birthday party every year
A cake with chocolate crumbs
And candles
A lot of balloons
And kids
Princess dress
And many presents
She cannot care less
For all this masquerade
So she swings in the yard of my parent’s house
While others celebrate
The special day she does not need
because she is special.
I remember birthdays
When I was a child
With fake cakes
And under the light of candles
In the shelter
Celebrating to be alive
I got a lot of books
And soaps (from humanitarian aid packages)
No one could buy a present during the siege
So we were wrapping nicely
What we had the most.
After all this winters
I’ve failed to follow stereotypes
To preserve a marriage
To lie and compromise
To build a career
To buy a property
To live ordinary
Instead of striving to gain and accomplish
Everything I do not need
I reduced and simplified
My life and dreams
By all means.
Thirty winters goes by
Yet, I never chose a road
We have a present moment only
I learned
As a child
When I did not had a future.

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