Loving endlessly the end

beginninings16-973x655Something sticky is in the air lately
It gets stuck between my ribs
Political rhetoric and it’s interpretations
Tick and dark as tar
Makes me anxious.
My body is a highway for emotions, impressions and experience
That made me overwhelmed and incandescent
As awakened volcano.
News are everywhere and I feel hunted by words I’ve heard and images I’ve seen already.
Those who don’t have any creativity or charm,
Only crooked imagination
To strive to seek to find and not to yield
To be in power destroying everyone’s reality
Are proceeding with their own illusions
Based on obsoleted ideas
How past should become a future.
I did not asked for politicians opinions about my daily life
Yet, they have something to say
To do
A harm.
I do not share any position of theirs
I do not support any ideas based on hatred
Some humans are only capable for loving
A moment, a day, a person, an existence, the differences and deviations
Loving even what should be despised
Loving endlessly
The end.

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