Let’s talk about talks

Let’s talk about talks
And all those sincere moments we shared
With complete strangers
In the bars, on the bus stations and toilets.
Let’s try to remember all of those people whose names we never memorized
But who offered us the trust down the highway we took by chance
– they had to kill the time while waiting
For better tomorrow to come, for wishes to turn into reality
Waiting for love, for success, for anything that can make them happy
Finally, Godot will arrive eventually
We intend to believe
Let’s not glorify the honesty as something rare and precious
Because in all those moments when there is no one to judge
We come clean with our desires, longings and hidden stories
To complete strangers, or facing the bathroom floor while crying silently
Whispering our darkness, our mistakes and fears
About yesterday which didn’t promised brighter future
Forgetting that life has only one tense –
Present moment
And yet, here it is and it’s gone already;
Only the past is unrealistic – as a friend of mine said
Everything else can change the color, form or meaning
Can evolve into beauty if we act on it
Instead of explaining to others, ourselves and to the world
Our messed up thoughts by using complex grammar constructions
Let’s talk about anything in particular
While we do more of what makes us happy.

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