The Light Of The Magic Hour

Don’t let poets lie to you – Bjork said when she opened the television
To explain how the worlds can be created by imagination,
I say love is eternal and mutates along with our longings
– you cannot takeaway what you do not own –
Wish to be an author of a poem which inspires many, instead of being the poet’s muse, then you will understand how
Love – as a poetry – is eternal.
Not All Who Wander Are Lost – once was written and many times felt,
Allow poets to lie to you!  – What you seek will seek for you.
You will start giveaway buckets of love in all it’s echoes
Awaken from your previous lives,
You will write poetry with your actions without being aware
that your shadow abandoned you and free you –
One rainy night under some eaves
while, reaching a breakdown, you made a peace with your own abyss.
For one to fly, have to start from the ground
For one to love, a heart needs to get smashed many times into smallest pieces
glued back together as a fragile Chinese porcelain vase –
Before the travel through space-time starts to reveal
All faces from your memories, dreams and nightmares
Illuminated by the light of the magic hour.

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